Hello Baseball Fans!

I am a lifelong baseball addict.  That is the first thing I can say about myself.  For years, I have rooted for the Yankees from my house in New York, statistics being my portal into a world I am not athletic enough ever to be privy to.  I am also in love with the site Fangraphs.  Most of the stats I use come from them.  Finally, I am currently at the SABR Convention.  If you are here too, I hope to see you.  Enjoy this Unobstructed View I provide you, with the clearest glimpse into baseball you can find!


3 Responses to Hello Baseball Fans!

  1. liz says:

    Been waiting for this blog for years! Can’t wait to learn more BBall from your unobstructed view…get going and keep me filled in!

  2. Uncle David says:

    This is fantastic. Don’t blame yourself for not being a major league prospect; it is in your genes. Looking forward to your future reports, Uncle David

    • segiddins says:

      I know, but it is worth mentioning. I am, however, blaming my parents for these genes, they’re just too tight!

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