The Stage was Set

The scene was SteinbrennersĀ  decaying Yankee Stadium, around 1999. Sam was attending his secondĀ  big league game, along with his big sister, her boy friend and his dad. Sam was 5 years old. All during the game Sam was sitting straight in his seat along the first base line, facing the scoreboard. Carrie’s friend seemed mildly upset that Sam was not always watching the play. The seats were positioned that you had to turn to face the pitcher and hitter. Finally the dude said to Sam “watch the game”, Sam wheeled and said I can learn everything I need to know about the game from the scoreboard. The path was lined and the road still traveled.


2 Responses to The Stage was Set

  1. Sue Rubinoff says:

    Nice remembrance of your youth. The stats were in your blood then and still now!!!

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