Women in Baseball

First thing today, I went to the Women in Baseball Committee meeting. It forced me to wake up early, but hearing everything people said made it worth skipping my coffee. There were about thirty people in the meeting, many of them women. The greatest thing about our national pastime is how everyone can grab a piece of it; many people had special stories about how they encountered women in baseball.
Many of the women here have written books that have chronicled everything that has happened in baseball. It is surprising how many women here have played baseball, and played it a damn sight better than I ever could. Women have always had a special role in the history in baseball.
As one attendee said, “women in baseball includes women writing about men in baseball.” Many reporters today are women, in fact, and they are as much baseball fans as you or me. The most discouraging fact heard today is that girls are merely shunned by baseball, not by any rule, but by those who believe that women have their own league.
This sort of discrimination is unacceptable in today’s world. It has been over sixty years since the major leagues were integrated with blacks, but women are still shunned. There have only been two female groundskeepers, and only five who have ever umpired in the minor leagues. I know many women who love baseball as much as me, and my little sister plays little league, the only girl on her third grade team.
My older sister is a constant softball player, who could kick my ass on the ball field any day. Yet, I can try out for baseball teams for the rest of my life, and my sisters cannot. Is that right? Women today are equals of all men, and there is no reason for baseball to have such a vendetta against them. Women could be in the front office, in the coaching boxes, in the dugout. Hell, why cant they even be on the base paths some day?
This was a great committee meeting, and I am happy to see the progressive mindset of my SABR brethren. Hopefully, women will continue to have an expanding role in, and involved in, baseball.


2 Responses to Women in Baseball

  1. marty says:

    if the mets had a ounce of baseball acumen they would install the lady from the dodgers as their new gm can’t remember her hanme but she is blocked
    how wouldn’t that be something and send a message to ny and the baseball nation
    how about ann donovan as manager
    dominiue dawes as bench coach
    think outside the box for pity sdakes
    now and forever lets go mets

  2. marty says:

    \has it been discussed about the number of black players declining in baseball?
    given the prevailing culture in america today i feel it will continue declining.
    given the pricing structure of tickets
    i also feel we will continue to loss the less affluent segment of the nation as baseball fanatics.
    how about developing a learning program for primary schoolers using baseball stats?

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