Writing ’bout ‘roids

In today’s world, steroids provide most of the controversy in sports.  However, ballplayers do not like being accused of juicing.  This provides a serious dilemma for writers, as the threat of libel hangs over all those who are brave enough to make accusations.  I was planning to do an all-steroid all star team, but I must refrain, lest my list or my liability be compromised. Think about that.  I have to worry about making the same statements I hear thousands of times a day merely because I am putting it on a blog.  Is that truly freedom of speech?


One Response to Writing ’bout ‘roids

  1. marty says:

    well what you write may or may not be limited, how can you call a player a juicer without substantiated documentation, you at your level rely on second hand info at best.
    forget steroids, let’s talk greenies.
    it is almost a universal trait to take risks by using any edge at hand.
    let’s go back to our agarian roots of the game and let’s have fun and a cold one after the game.

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