Introducing Our Newest Writer

Today, I am pleased to introduce to all of you the newest writer here at The Unobstructed View. Eric M. Van is a baseball enthusiast and a former Red Sox consultant. I met him at the SABR Convention, and I hope his ideas will impress you as much as they do me. He has done a ton of original, hitherto unpondered, research. Now let’s get back to the fun stuff, with Eric onboard.


2 Responses to Introducing Our Newest Writer

  1. ericmvan says:

    Who is this guy?

    Seriously, I met Sam at SABR and remain boggled at his command of the sabermetric side of the game.

    I’m probably way too busy to write exclusive stuff for this blog, but what I’ve told Sam is that I will scour my hard drive for stuff of general interest that has been heretofore unread by most (motsly because it’s been buried in the bowels of, and do some cross-posting as well.

    Look for my first contribution late in the week (assuming I can find it in my archives!). It will be a mini-essay on the nature of streakiness or player inconsistency and how to interpret it. Warning for Yankee fans: the examples in my posts will often be present and former Red Sox players and farmhands!

  2. Sam Giddins says:

    Thank you, Eric. We all can’t wait to see what the bowels of your hard drive hold.

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