What makes for a good batter/pitcher matchup?

I just saw this over at The Book Blog.

Sky’s very interesting look at the ball-strike count last week made me think about what makes for a good batter/pitcher matchup?  For example, fastpitch softball is really boring to me.  I love baseball, but the huge number of swing and misses is simply no fun for me.  Similarly, if the number of aces in tennis or volleyball was very high, I’d be bored.  I want to see some confrontation.  Man v Man (or Player v Player).

So, I’d like you guys to answer these questions first, before (or in addition to) posting your thoughts:

1. For every pitch thrown, around what percentage of the time would you like to see the batter swing?

2. For every swing, around what percentage of the time would you like to see the at bat end on that swing (either as in-play, or strikeout)?

via What makes for a good batter/pitcher matchup?

Now, to answer Tango’s questions.  I believe that it would be most interesting if the batter swings around 55% of the time.  Any less and you get high pitch pitch counts and too many cr-ptastic relievers. Any more and you find too many hitters flailing away and not enough hard contact.

As for the percentage of swings that end a plate appearance, I say around 60%.  Today, there is just too much fouling pitches off and missed swings.  The excitement in watching the game comes from seeing the ball in play.

Thanks, Tango, for bringing up this interesting idea.


4 Responses to What makes for a good batter/pitcher matchup?

  1. marty says:

    i like a fast crisp game, no dilly-dallying
    don’t think use muscle memory and throw and hit.
    every time i see mr time out derek jeter raise his hand to the umpire i want to puke lying bastard says it’s for balance i say prima donna.
    in fact we should go back to vintage gloves and bats.
    baseball is supposed to reflect our agrarian roots of fair play and hard work and work fast before winter comes.
    back to the future
    swing at every thing
    a game should take 2 hours 15 minutes each and every day.
    i smell conspiracy here the longer we are in our seats the more they sekk us food and overpriced merchandise
    we are talking revolution here.
    we should institutea fan union

  2. marty says:

    enough with the blog
    i am recruiting you as the president and/or commissioner of a fan union.
    u are smart enough and nice enough anf gosh darn it people like you enough.
    if franken can make it to senator you can make it to
    should have your convention at citi field ain’t no one going to be there at the first hint of cold weather.
    give up school and make something of your life.

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