Nyjer Morgan. Is he seriously worth 4 wins? In this world?

Nyjer Morgan is not the most talented baseball player in the world. I found him while browsing the Fangraphs Leader board. Yes, he is actually on there. In fact, he leads all of baseball with a UZR of 22.5. 22.5! His defense has been worth over two runs this summer. This is an ungodly number. It’s better than Adam Dunn’s defense is bad. This is something special.

Many people will point to Morgan’s batting average of .307, and wonder why they have never heard of him before.  Well, folks, you might never encounter anyone closer to average.  He has a wRAA of 3.6, and this is why we don’t ever look at batting average.  That’s because batting average has almost no correlation with power.

He has also been the beneficiary of an extraordinary BABIP of .359.  While Morgan is a valuable player, he has had an amazing amount of luck this season, both on hitting and in the field.  While this year he has been worth 3.8 wins, he is more like an average player.  Here is to hoping that Nyjer Morgan reverts to being a non all-star, as he really isn’t one.

See http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=4885&position=OF for Morgan’s full stat line.

5 Responses to Nyjer Morgan. Is he seriously worth 4 wins? In this world?

  1. billgiddins says:

    This is the great thing about baseball. One guy can rise up and become better than he truly is, thus giving us all a chance to see him.

  2. TomH says:

    I suspect, given Mr. Morgan’s speed and hitting style, that his BAPIP will be significantly higher than MLB average.
    I guess I could look up his minor league totals if I weren’t so lazy.

  3. marty says:

    are we seeing a hot streak or a player improving his game?

    are the rankings of managers?
    what is the spread between the mean and/or median plus and minus.
    would the same monkey who types shakespeare amke a good manager
    why do managers wear uniforms at all they don’t play.
    bring back connie mack

    • Sam Giddins says:

      We are seeing neither. He has an inherit ability to get a hit when he puts the ball in play, more so than many players. I was simply questioning wether he will regress to the larger population mean.

      As for the manager question, I believe BP has done some work on it. It’s very hard to judge them. As for uniforms, its merely a show of team solidarity. If I’m the monkey, then yes, it work make a good manager.

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