Texas Rangers – who’d a thunk?

The Texas Rangers are LEADING the AL in run prevention! I did NOT see that coming. So, how are they doing it?

Check out the rotation: of the Rangers 6 pitchers who have started the most games, the THIRD best ERA is Holland, at 4.88! Hmmm… doesn’t seem all that special.

New call-up Tommy Hunter is on a roll; but a Fly-ball pitcher with a fairly low KO rate uis not a prescription to for an ERA in the low 2s, as he has so far. Combine that with his 4.2 minor league ERA in 09, and I think he’s over his head.

The Rangers have allowed an incredibly low 28 UNearned runs (league avg is 42). Even though they have committed an average amount of errors. Great ‘clutch’ play there I guess.

Their bullpen has been superb – anyone see Darren O’Day’s ERA of 1.69 coming, after the Mets waived him since his ERA last season was 4.57?

All told, I’m not big on expecting Texas to win the wild card; sure looks like smoke and mirrors. But go ahead guys, surprise me.


One Response to Texas Rangers – who’d a thunk?

  1. Sam Giddins says:

    Tom, it’s plain and simple. Even though we have come to appreciate this amount of time as enough for true talent correlations for a single player, teams will still end up extremely lucky. That is just a part of the nature of the game.

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