A September To Forget, Or Why We Need A New Wildcard Format

It seems unfair that a divisional winner essentially has no advantage of a wild card winner. The wild card winner should be put at more of a disadvantage. If they add another wild card team and make the two duke it out in a three game series in three days at the home of the team with the best record and then force the winner to play the next day in the home of a divisional winner. Then, cut out some of the superfluous off days during the next two rounds and the whole thing won’t take any longer than it currently does.

via A September To Forget | FanGraphs Baseball.

You know what, I agree.  The wild-card as it is right now rewards coming in second place too much.  This would add real excitement, and truly make second place mean second place again.  Seeing a straight three-game set would also be fun, and give a real advantage to the fourth place team over the fifth place team.  This is a great suggestion!


4 Responses to A September To Forget, Or Why We Need A New Wildcard Format

  1. Tomhantheman says:

    No sysetm is pereec, and while I applaud good suggestions, remember that
    a) they all have their downside, and
    b) some will not have any chance of bein genacted; hence, we ought to foucs on those that do.

    My preference, for example, would be that the wild card vs. best record ALDS playoff be a best-of-6; first one to 4 wins advances, but the wild card starts in an 0-1 hole. It would mean the wild card may only win about 1/3rd of these series, instead of almost 50%. But the chances of this happening are nil.

    The two-wild-card playoff has the advantage of rewarding teams for winning the division, but the DISadvantage of often rewarding a 97-win team (often from the AL East, which may have won 99 in another’s division’s easier schedule) the same as a 86-win team that wins the OTHER wild card.

  2. Tomhantheman says:

    wow, proofreading / spellcheck should be required b4 hitting ‘submit’!

    “no system is perfect”

  3. marty says:

    i am a mets fan what the hell do i care about the playoffs?

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