The Applause For Jeter is Still Ringing

The applause for Jeter is still ringing as longevity rings true to the clappers.  The question this Neanderthal baseball aficionados may be asking is where does he fit into the hierarchy of Yankees.

While I was known to sport 8 column accounting paper and index cards to compile (hence the tag of Neanderthal) I am doing this from gut, memory and historical data free floating through my brain and a sneak or two into Sam’s library.

1-Ruth-Rank # 1 RF All Time            HOF               James rank #1

2-Gehrig Rank # 1 1st Base All Time HOF    James rank #1

3-DiMaggio # 3 CF All Time    HOF       James rank #5 ( placed in front of Mantle due to fact that Mantle was not best CF of his era nor the best of his home city and was often number #3  his city and undue influence of many old time fans who always said  blah blah about Jolt ‘n Joe and fact that career was interrupted by WWII

4-Berra Rank top 2 catchers All Time    HOF   James rank #1 His job was to move runners along not stare at close pitchers like his Boston rival who cared more for his averages.

5-Mantle # 5 CF  HOF             James rank #3 Loved when the Mick would limp up to plate after a night out at the Copa and hit a 500 foot HR just to make sure then game was ended and he could get a drink asap. But after Doc Gooden the greatest waste of talent I have ever seen and ranked behind Berra as the best player on Yankees many years. The Yankee fans have a proclivity to allow players to waste their talents because they were surrounded by other talent. Example, Gooden and Strawberry were bums later in their careers with the cross-town team but beloved by Yankee fans. Yup, if you beat your wife, had children scattered around the country, drink too much, took drugs and were a Yankee it was all Ok. Of course if you acted like a thug in the Bronx and were not a Yankee then lock um up and throw away the key.

5-Riveria Rank # 1 CL All Time         F-HOF The best of his era and no MVP award.

6-Ford Rank, I would rank among the best pitchers in the clutch, HOF James ranked 22 (Sam do not edit out my words) and if you saw Whitey win the opening game of series after series year after year you would get it. The bottom line is the great Yankee dynasty of the Stengel years was dominated by two over-riding facts, the Yankees had a “major” league farm team in KC after 1955 and the Yankees had great pitching. So to achieve the winning they did they needed pitching and Whitey was Chairman of the Board. He continued his importance during the next Yankee dynasty, the Houk years

7-Jeter Rank Top ????  SS All Time

8-Gomez, Ruffing, Pennock, Reynolds the Yankees of all winning era’s need a stopper to maintain the level of winning they achieved.

9-Gossage one of great RP of All Time, James rank #37 .  One of best of the genre of RP, fun to watch, when baseball was more a blood sport instead of a constant bonding experience between players.  HOF

10- Dickey, Must have been great, and he was a catcher. HOF  James ranked 7

11- Lazzeri, Williams, ect.

No Mattingly, No Rodriguez. To be on the Yankees and considered an all time great you had to have won the World Series. This is not the Cubs and we do not have to worry about Ernie Banks.


5 Responses to The Applause For Jeter is Still Ringing

  1. Sam Giddins says:

    Very good dad. I disagree on a couple points, and I might even do a rebuttal based on Sabermetrics…

  2. Cliff Blau says:

    Who was Berra’s Boston rival- Birdie Tebbets? And who is this Riveria fellow and why are both he and Mantle at number 5? Why do you say Gossage is #9 when you have 12 players ranked above him?

    Are you saying Strawberry and Gooden were on the Mets late in their careers? Strawberry was 28 his last year with them and had a fine season. Gooden was 29 and pitched another 6 years.

  3. tomhantheman says:

    gutsy list, even if I disagree with a few items. It is truly a challenege to place Whitey, Mariano, and Derek in this ranking; especially tough to evaluate current players without the advantage of hidnsight and complete careers.
    re: Mick, while he shamefully wasted his talent, so did the Babe, and I woudl eval Mick on what he DID, not what he MIGHT have done. And he WAS the best CFer of his era, if you cut off “era” at his retirement. If Mays or Cobb had happened to play for the Giants in 1935-55, would we downgrade DiMaggio?

  4. ericmvan says:

    A little off topic, but Jeter’s defensive metrics have improved greatly in the last few years, when they should be declining, and the obvious explanation is that he has simply started playing deeper to get to more balls (since Bill James’ video study revealed that his terrible objective performance was the result of playing too close). Well, a few nights ago he actually made a play on the outfield grass that he never would have made three years ago. It’s possible that he always had the physical tools that earned him defensive raves from mere observers, while the incontrovertibly lousy results were just the result of playing nearly all his career out of position. I don’t know if that’s funny or sad.

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