An Un-Clutch Clutch Rebuttal

Industrial fasteners are made worldwide; the major producer for the USA except for the military is Taiwan. Nuts from small sizes ¼” to about 1” are made on cold header machines. These machines literally punch a hole through the wire (steel). The quality is very consistent. The variation from one respect maker to another does not affect functionality.

However the start of the wire is not as consistent as the drawn wire is after the beginning of the coil.Nor is the end of the coil. The machine takes some time to start up and produce 99.5 % quality nuts, the other .04% are rejected by the machine perhaps the balance get passed QC.

The humidity in the factory, the age of the oil, the age of the machine, the speed of the machine, the type of steel wire, the skill of the mechanics who set the machine up and the shape of the dies used all are factors that reflect upon the finished product. (Note the nuts next process is threading).
What is the point of this? Whitey Ford, Billy Pierce, Sandy Koufax. And Don Newcomb, Johnny Antonelli and Roger Clemens.
Humans are not developed to produce the same results on a consistent basis as are machines. Many of the same factors that affect machines affect ball players and emotions. Yes emotions play a key role in how anyone performs and no amount of charts or graphs can dissude me of that.
We all have known peers who may have done great in law school but never could pass the bar. Doctor stories where one doctor consistently performs better under certain conditions than other doctors. The type that handles the tough cases.
Co-workers who when the tough situation arises runs and hides and kids in soccer who run from kicking the ball at goal.
I understand that the current vogue is to dispute “clutch.” And while it may not prove out over an entire career any long time student of the game knows that certain players at certain times are more apt to produce in pressure situations.

Perhaps the effort to prove statically that “clutch” does not exist is simply the inability to prove that it does.


4 Responses to An Un-Clutch Clutch Rebuttal

  1. Sam Giddins says:

    I agree 100%

  2. marty says:

    or in pete rose’s case it depends on how the bet was made
    seriously i do believe players are clutch
    the biggest factor in my mind is how they at doing at any particular moment with their wife and/or girlfriend.
    what about being in the so called zone.
    the ball slows down for those fortunate moments
    i have personally had time move in slow motion at least twice in my wife
    i am sure elite athletes have it happen much more ofter
    didn’t ted william claim to see the rotation of the ball?

  3. marty says:

    twice in my life not twice in my wife
    how do you like that for a freudian slip?

  4. Cliff Blau says:

    I disagree 100%. Ballplayers don’t get to the majors if they can’t perform under pressure. In fact, they would wash out immediately in the minors, because they are under constant pressure, being evaluated every day while people are yelling at them. Those co-workers who hide when a tough decision is needed? They don’t become CEO’s, and ballplayers who can’t take the heat don’t become major leaguers.

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