Is This Guy For Real?

[picapp src=”2/8/b/d/San_Francisco_Giants_e29a.jpg?adImageId=4525753&imageId=5032425″ width=”450″ height=”594″ /]
I have never seen such a motion in all my life. The man is amazing at what he does.
Tim Lincecum is a God at pitching.


2 Responses to Is This Guy For Real?

  1. baseball dude says:

    Well actually if you look at guys like Roy Halladay or Johan Santana they have better mechanics then Tim Lincecum yet they strikeout less people. His usage of unorthodox mechanics makes him seem like a better pitcher when he isn’t one. Lincecum is definitely going to be one of the better pitchers of the next decade but not the best.

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