Back to School

September 8, 2009

Well, by the time you begin reading this, I have started my first day of high school! Posting may be a bit slog for the next couple of weeks, but expect about 5 post a week beginning in October. I hope you enjoy what we here at The Unobstructed View have to say.


Goin’ to Spanish Camp!

August 9, 2009

Hey guys. I’m sorry to say that I will be away at spanish camp for two weeks, and thus unable to blog. I trust that Eric and Tom will more than make up for my absence. By September, I hope to be on a regular posting schedule. Until then, I hope the baseball world has a good time without me!

Another New Writer

August 4, 2009

Tom Hanrahan claims that he is forty eight and feelin’ great in southern Maryland. Tom’s day job is figuring out a way to put these unmanned aircraft that the DoD wishes to buy into the air, while promising not to hit any passenger jets, Cessnas, or hot air balloons. After hours he comes home to his lovely wife, does some volunteer work, occasionally preaches on Sundays, and enjoys being the luckiest man alive since Lou Gehrig.

Introducing Our Newest Writer

August 3, 2009

Today, I am pleased to introduce to all of you the newest writer here at The Unobstructed View. Eric M. Van is a baseball enthusiast and a former Red Sox consultant. I met him at the SABR Convention, and I hope his ideas will impress you as much as they do me. He has done a ton of original, hitherto unpondered, research. Now let’s get back to the fun stuff, with Eric onboard.

The Stage was Set

July 30, 2009

The scene was Steinbrenners  decaying Yankee Stadium, around 1999. Sam was attending his second  big league game, along with his big sister, her boy friend and his dad. Sam was 5 years old. All during the game Sam was sitting straight in his seat along the first base line, facing the scoreboard. Carrie’s friend seemed mildly upset that Sam was not always watching the play. The seats were positioned that you had to turn to face the pitcher and hitter. Finally the dude said to Sam “watch the game”, Sam wheeled and said I can learn everything I need to know about the game from the scoreboard. The path was lined and the road still traveled.

Hello Baseball Fans!

July 30, 2009

I am a lifelong baseball addict.  That is the first thing I can say about myself.  For years, I have rooted for the Yankees from my house in New York, statistics being my portal into a world I am not athletic enough ever to be privy to.  I am also in love with the site Fangraphs.  Most of the stats I use come from them.  Finally, I am currently at the SABR Convention.  If you are here too, I hope to see you.  Enjoy this Unobstructed View I provide you, with the clearest glimpse into baseball you can find!